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GM one on one

Private lessons offer the students an opportunity to delve deeper into the specific individual chess questions that need to be covered outside of group lessons. Specialized openings knowledge or training exercises designed to deal with individual weaknesses will be offered by our star Grandmaster coaches that are currently some of the best chess teachers in the United States.

Our GM Star line-up

1. Maxim Dlugy 
2. Lev Alburt - 3 time U.S. Champion, 2 times U.S. Open Champion, European Champion, author of 20 chess books and Chess Life Columns. 
 and others to be announced..

Price $200 per hour, $300 per 1 1/2 hours. Lessons will include personalized materials and a record of material covered in pgn format. 

2 GMs bundle - 1 hour lesson with each grandmaster - $320.00

Experience 2 different styles and approaches to teaching chess to see which one is best for you!

Contact the school at 917-930-8840 to enroll in this special package.  




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